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Title: Complimentary
Pairings: Andrew/Jesse
Rating: R
Summary: It's Monday and Jesse is confused.
Wordcount: 4057
Author's Note: Fill for this prompt 

It was Monday and Jesse was alone in bed. This wasn’t new. He was in the middle of a film, he should be used to waking up alone but there was still something nagging in his stomach. It was unsettling and upsetting at the same time. He missed his cats, he missed his girlfriend, he missed his apartment and his books and his maps and his stove. Everything here was too foreign and tiny. The sample shampoo, the sample conditioner, the mini-toothbrush, the complimentary matches. It seemed so superfluous. He contemplated hitting the snooze button and lying in bed for another few stolen moments but that thought quickly dissolved when his door suddenly swung open. He let out a small startled noise and propped up on his elbows. It was Andrew, balancing two plates in his arms. Andrew had the other bedroom in the hotel but usually they stayed in their respective rooms so this sudden appearance was quite shocking.

“Jesus, Andrew.” Jesse exhaled. “You scared me.” He continued as Andrew came round the side of the bed and set one plate on the night stand next to Jesse’s bed, putting the other one on the desk next to the complimentary matches.

“Sorry, love.” Andrew replied cheerily.

This was a bit odd. Andrew didn’t usually come into his room, especially not in the morning when he was “awake”. Wasn’t this like some unspoken bro code thing? Never come into a room right when someone wakes up? Was it different in England? These were questions Jesse needed Andrew to answer and would’ve asked had Andrew not suddenly fallen onto the bed with a slight “oof” and snaked his hands under the blankets, wrapping his gangly limbs around Jesse who tensed. Okay, this had to be against the bro code.

“Andrew?” He said weakly.

“Mmm.” He hummed, pressing his face into Jesse’s neck. “Let’s just lay here for a few more moments. Then we’ll eat the breakfast I brought us.” He said, planting kisses along the curve of Jesse’s neck.

Jesse’s heart stuttered and he tried to wriggle away. Andrew didn’t seem to notice and tugged him closer, rolling over and shifting on top of him and there hips were touching and oh. Jesse didn’t move for a few minutes because this was insane, this was not happening and fuck, Andrew was hard. He could feel it but he didn’t know what to focus on more, the obvious bulge pushing against his inner thigh or Andrew’s mouth leaving hot, open-mouthed kisses along his jaw. He seemed to be frozen and couldn’t move until Andrew’s mouth was on his. He whined a little, not able to form the words to tell him to stop. Andrew groaned and kissed him harder, fingers playing with the waistband of Jesse’s boxers and slipping his fingers underneath occasionally to dig into the sharp contours of hip bone and feel the smooth skin. Jesse finally got control of his hands and they scrambled for Andrew’s, shakily removing them from under his boxers. Andrew let up on the kiss and Jesse gasped in air.

“What’s the matter?” Andrew asked lightly, still dazed. “You’re acting like this is the first time we’ve done this.”

“It isn’t?” Jesse asked in shock. Andrew crinkled his face in confusion and brought a hand up to Jesse’s head, feeling it.

“Are you feeling under the weather?” Something clicked behind his eyes. “Ahh, I got it now, you’re still sore from last night, trying to tell me in the nicest way possible, I’m onto you, Eisenberg.”

“What? No, I’m not sore.” He said, mystified briefly before he understood.

It was a few seconds too late though because Andrew was already moving back in, biting and sucking at his neck. Jesse arched involuntarily and let out a surprised moan. “Andrew!” He cried out and his hands were back on Andrew’s, weakly pushing at them as long fingers dipped back under his boxers.

“Is this some new type of role-play?” Andrew murmured against his neck and Jesse could feel the curve of a smile.

Jesse panted lightly as Andrew’s fingers snuck against his inner thighs. He bit back a moan at the sudden rush of pleasure that ran through him and in that moment decided that this was, without a doubt, a very elaborate dream. He stopped pushing and let it happen because there was always that moment when you woke up, when your dream went too far and you sat straight up in shock, covered in sweat, completely perplexed.

Soon. He thought as Andrew slipped Jesse’s boxers down his hips and moved with them till he was on his knees near Jesse’s feet where he promptly finished removing the boxers before moving back up his body slowly.

Soon. His mind repeated as Andrew kissed down his chest and took time giving each nipple rapt attention. Jesse tried not to make any noise and tossed his head from side to side and tried to ignore the feeling in his stomach, the fogginess in his head. He desperately tried to think of something else to distract himself but at the moment the only thought process was Andrew, tongue, hot.

Soon? He pushed at Andrew’s shoulders but Andrew took that as a sign to keep going and quickly descended between Jesse’s thighs.

Okay so maybe this wasn’t a dream. He let out a series of gasps and groans as Andrew began giving him probably the best blowjob he had ever been apart of, licking up the shaft and swirling his tongue around the head, sweat forming across his chest and forehead. His nails dug into Andrew’s scalp and the boy moaned and it vibrated through him straight into Jesse and he came with a loud, shocked groan.

That was definitely not a dream, Jesse thought in a daze as Andrew leaned back up to kiss him again before hopping out of bed. “I’m going to hop in the shower. Join me if you want.” He said and winked.

Jesse lay in bed for a long while before he got up and cleaned himself off with the bed sheet. He found his cell phone and dialed Justin’s number. The pop star answered on the third ring.

“You’re go for Justin.” He always said this when anyone called and it was a pet peeve of Jesse’s but he ignored it this time.

“Justin, something weird just happened.” He replied nervously and started pacing.

“Tell me.” Justin demanded. He loved gossip.

“Okay, one question first; have Andrew and I ever appeared to you as anything other than friends?” He asked severely, cradling the phone between his shoulder and his ear as he tugged the bed sheets around him like a cocoon to prevent from getting cold.

Justin snorted and it morphed into a short laugh before he got quiet. “Are you serious?”

“No--just, answer the question.”

“Alright, well, you guys were really close at the beginning of the movie then you started fucking in each other’s trailers then you just didn’t care what anyone thought and, um, yeah, everyone knows.”

“Are you...are you serious?” Jesse asked and everything seemed to get fuzzy.

“I’ve walked in on you and Andrew too many times to be kidding around.” He seriously might faint at this point. “Now tell me what’s happened.”

“Uhh, never mind it’s not relevant now, I’ll talk to you later.” He managed to choke out. Justin made some kind of noise in defiance but Jesse hung up and dialed Joe.

“Joe? Uh--yeah, I’m kind of freaking out right now. Do you remember when we got into that discussion about wormholes and alternate universes? Yeah, okay, I think that happened.”

“What the hell are you--”

“Apparently Andrew and I are together.” Jesse whispered when he heard noise coming from the other side of the bathroom door. He tried to walk out of the bedroom but got tangled in the sheets and nearly face planted had he not let the sheet go and caught himself on the ground with one hand. He got back up and waited for Joe’s response.

“Yeah, I know.”

“No, I mean, that wasn’t how it was yesterday. Last night I went to bed with a girlfriend and this morning I woke up with Andrew.”

Joe was quiet for a second. “Jesse if you’re fucking with me--”

“I wouldn’t joke about this!” Jesse cried out in desperation. “Joe, seriously, I’m barely holding it together and he’s in my shower. Do you hear me Joe? He is in my shower. I don’t even let my girlfriend use my shower.”

“Okay, okay. God, I believe you.” He admitted.

“You do? Oh thank god.” Jesse mumbled.

“Yeah, after Anna found out she left you and you were a wreck and you made us swear to never mention her so if you’re talking about her...yeah, I believe you.”

“Okay. Um. What the hell do I do?” He asked. The sound of running water shut off. “Shit! Shit! He’s coming back out.”

“Okay, okay, breathe. Okay, I’ll look some stuff up. You keep acting like you’re his boyfriend.” Joe instructed and hung up. Jesse slapped the phone shut and tossed it towards the table in the corner of the room, diving back onto the bed as the bathroom door opened.

“I waited for you.” Andrew pouted, steam puffing around his naked body.

Jesse tried not to glance down while he scrambled for something that sounded boyfriendish. “Uhh, I was j-jerking off to the thought of you in the shower.” He stammered before mentally beating the crap out of himself.

Andrew blinked before cackling. “I’m sure.” He choked out and walked over, falling on top of Jesse. His body was hot and red and made Jesse flush. He felt his throat close up and it made it hard to swallow..

“You know what I think?” Andrew whispered in his ear and nipped at it, hands sliding down Jesse’s arms and taking hold of his wrists, pinning them down beside his head.

“W-what do you think?” Jesse tried to control the tremors racing through his body. Andrew had never touched him like this, and maybe he had dreamt of him once or twice but the reality was so incredibly different.

“I think you’re a lying liar who lies.” Andrew moaned huskily while he rocked against Jesse slowly.

Jesse couldn’t hold onto anything with his hands pinned down and that made him feel exposed. He twisted but that only added more friction to the already very naked and very wet situation. He moaned and Andrew caught his mouth in a kiss, tongue slipping in committing every seam and line to memory. Very slowly Jesse started to reciprocate. A muffled groan slipped out of Andrew’s mouth and he ground against Jesse with more fervor. Jesse arched into him and let Andrew do as he pleased


“Finally, jesus fucking christ it took you long enough!” Joe chastised when Jesse walked on set.

Jesse glared and took a drink of his coffee. “Sorry, sorry, turns out Andrew’s kind of a sex-maniac.” He said and blinked a few times before looking apologetic. “I guess you wouldn’t want to know that kind of thing.”

“Not really but thanks.” Joe said and rolled his eyes. “Alright, so I looked up some stuff but it’s mainly theories. This sort of thing has never happened before, at least, not to where it’s been proven and recorded. I’m still a little skeptical but I know you Jesse, you don’t make shit up.”

“Okay, so what did it say about getting back to your own reality?” He asked quietly. People were starting to trickle in to put finishing touches on the set.

Joe looked at his shoes briefly. “Uh, it doesn’t.”

“Ex...excuse me?”

“I don’t know--you just have to...wait it out or something.” He said and waved his hands around in exasperation.

“Great. Awesome. Really nice.” Jesse said and rubbed a hand over his face.

“Oh boo hoo, you have to fuck Andrew Garfield. We’re crying for your life Jesse.” Joe said. He was teasing but Jesse knew he was right.

Shooting was the same apart from Andrew continuously touching him when the cameras weren’t rolling. It was clearly a problem that had never been addressed because the minute David yelled, “CUT!” Andrew was by his side, hands on his hips, talking and smiling and kissing him over and over till David would come over to talk or Aaron told them to keep it light. Joe noticed Jesse’s shocked expression every time Andrew touched him and was surprised at how much it differed from how Jesse usually was with him; open arms, welcoming, equally affectionate. When a break for lunch rolled around Andrew practically manhandled Jesse into the bathroom and Joe waited patiently. It took some time but they finally emerged, both panting, close undone, eyes wild. Jesse made a beeline for Joe. Andrew followed and had his hand pressed against Jesse’s back.

“Hey Andrew, I need to talk to Jesse real quick.” Joe said. Andrew nodded and leaned in, whispering something in Jesse’s ear. Jesse flushed and turned his head a little, nodding. Andrew walked away leaving the other two alone.

“Alright, so I have to wait this out?” Jesse spoke first, picking up the conversation where they had left off.

“Yeah, I don’t know what to tell you man.” Joe shrugged.

“Fuck.” Jesse said lowly and shook his head a little. “Okay, I can do this.” He said confidently. Joe gave him a disbelieving look but Jesse just walked away.


Jesse doesn’t get used to the touching and the kissing and --fuck--the fucking. Not in a bad way, he just can’t ever get the taste of Andrew out of his mouth or shake the feeling of Andrew’s fingers digging into his ribcage. He’s pretty sure he’s going to pass out from the lack of blood to the brain with how often he blushes when Andrew gets near him. They’ve done it everywhere; in the back of one of the sets, pressed together in numerous bathroom stalls, in Andrew’s bed, in Jesse’s bed, once in Joe’s trailer, Andrew was even brave enough to jerk Jesse off in a restaurant. Jesse realizes he loves having sex with Andrew but he can’t suddenly shake off everyone that is gone from his life since he’s swapped universes. Mainly, Anna. He’s wanted to call her but Joe is insistent when he tells Jesse not to go there. It’ll fuck up the natural order of this world, he says because he’s been reading more and more into this trying to find a way for Jesse to get home.

Jesse is scared because everyday he slips further and further away from the desire to go home. Andrew holds him in the morning and sits around in boxers reading french poems in his horribly broken french accent. He makes him food and slightly burns it. Sometimes Andrew leaves him, not physically but mentally. Sometimes he’ll sit on the deck and smoke cigarette after cigarette and stare at New York rushing by and watch the night life slowly come alive, neon lights illuminating his face and casting long shadows around his lanky body. Then he’ll be back. He’ll come inside with that smile and still be Andrew and walk straight for Jesse, reaching out and taking hold of his curls, gripping so tightly that it’s almost painful but Andrew kisses the sting away and Jesse melts.

Sometimes Andrew writes. He doesn’t believe in computers and types away on a typewriter, nervously biting his nails and drinking vodka from a bottle. Never enough to actually get him drunk, just enough to get that anxious writers block subsided long enough for something good to punch out of him. He reads Jesse everything he writes, clad in only a wife beater and loose gray sweatpants and all the while his eyes are bloodshot and he runs a hand through his hair that is absolutely wild after weekends of not sleeping. On set he’s Eduardo, smooth and silky with a predatorial glint in his eye. At the hotel he’s clumsy and cute with a crinkled smile and wide, excited eyes. He’s everything Jesse’s not and balances him out in such a lovely way that it hurts and he wonders, wonders every day why he never saw these things in Andrew back in his own universe.

“Hey Andrew?” He asked one night. They were out on the deck together, lounging on a long chaise, Jesse bunched up between Andrew’s legs, a bottle of wine on the small wicker table beside them.

“Hmm?” Andrew hummed and it vibrated in his chest, tickling Jesse’s back.

“This is probably a stupid question but tell me how we first fell into this.” He said quietly and picked at his nails to appear casual.

Andrew breathed a soft laugh and shifted as if to get more comfortable for the story. “Well, I believe the first time I really noticed you was at the table reading. Not the first day or even the first week but after week two I realized you hadn’t spoken almost at all. I got really curious and found myself unbelievably distracted. I could barely absorb anything Aaron or David were talking about and it was so frustrating. I didn’t understand why I was so drawn to you.” Jesse swallowed. “Then you were off filming the first scene. That was the first time I dreamt about another guy.” Andrew continued and reached for the wine bottle, taking a swig before he continued. “I remember when I saw you for the first day of filming when we were doing the party and I was so...unreasonably happy to see you.” He laughed. “Time went by and I found myself completely smitten and protective and wanting to know you, the person not the actor. I think it was the day we filmed the conversation between Mark and Eduardo when Christy lit the scarf on fire when I realized I had to have you. I made you tell me how much you adored me, as embarrassing as it was for you. I was fuming with all these feelings and afterwards I just went in your trailer and...yeah, you know the rest.” Andrew finished.

Jesse doesn’t but he can definitely guess, see each movement in his mind, see Andrew slip inside his trailer and back him up to the couch then push him down. Jesse swallows hard and realizes he loves Andrew. It scares him.

That night in bed they don’t fuck their brains out, they make slow love, each move as tender as the one before it. Everything is escalated, their senses heightened to the point where it’s almost too much and Jesse feels a tear slip down his face, a laugh break in his throat. He doesn’t want to leave anymore.


It’s Monday morning and Jesse is alone in bed. This is new. He sits up a little and rubs the sleep out of his eyes.

“Andrew?” He calls.

There’s no noise coming from the kitchen. He crinkles his face in confusion and gets up, walking out into the living room. It’s still. He looks in Andrew’s bedroom. He’s lying there, dead asleep. Jesse scratches his head and wonders what he did wrong. His anxiety gets the best of him and he starts breathing funny. He goes out into the living room and sits on the loveseat, taking deep breaths. When Andrew finally stumbles out half an hour later, Jesse starts.

“Why weren’t you in bed with me?” He asks, trying to appear casual but his nerves are definitely showing.

Andrew gives him a weird look. “Uh, I’ve never slept in your bed?” He says slowly.

Now it’s Jesse’s turn to give him a weird look. He stands up and starts to say something but stops and goes back into his room, rummaging through his duffel bag for his phone. He opens it and plans on calling Joe or Armie or someone put on the screen it says 1 new message. He opens it and sees it’s from Anna who told him to have a lovely day.

Oh shit. He drops the phone. After his hands stop shaking he picks it up and calls Joe, asking him wildly if Andrew and him have ever appeared as more than friends.

“Well with the way Andrew dotes on you, anyone would think you guys were together, but no. Not that I know of.” He answers. “Weird question, Jesse.”

“Uh, don’t mind me, Andrew wanted to know if he was being too expressive during interviews.” Jesse lies and hangs up.

He stares at the table in his room, at the complimentary matches resting on the complimentary ashtray and everything goes a little sideways. He falls onto the bed and just lies there, face smushed in the sheets, pouting. He should be happy, he’s returned to the correct world, everything is in order, but he doesn’t. It feels wrong. He wants Andrew to touch him, he wants Andrew to bring him coffee and kiss his eyelids and read him the morning paper and hold him while swaying slightly. He wants it. He feels like a child whining for his favorite toy but he doesn’t care.

Andrew calls to him from the living room, tells him to get dressed. “Big day today!” He shouts. “Remember, Brenda’s lighting the scarf on fire?”

Jesse’s eyes snap open with realization. This is the defining day. This is the day that Andrew chose to start their lives together. Jesse numbly gets dressed and drives them both to the set. He smiles at the others and listens to David give him direction but mainly he watches Andrew as he shouts the lines from off-set. He sees Andrew’s pupils blow wide with adrenaline and his mouth get wet from licking at it constantly. He notices Andrew run off when David gives them a break because he knows Andrew is hard from all the yelling and the tension and probably even the fire. Jesse plays with him a little when he gets back, messing his lines up on purpose just to have to start over. Andrew squirms, paces, shoots him confused looks but Jesse just looks back innocently and bites into the soft skin of his lip, something the other Andrew always said drove him mad.

Finally they finish. Finally Andrew and Jesse are free to leave. Andrew practically sprints to his trailer. Jesse follows him secretly, playing with the hem of his purple sweatshirt as he walks behind him. Andrew slams the door forcefully and it makes Jesse pause slightly. He shakes off the nerves and walks right up to the door, opening it after another second and spotting Andrew on the couch, pants already down, cock in hand.

Jesus christ, Jesse!” He shrieks and does his best to cover up.

Jesse is in front of him in two steps. The door clatters shut behind him and he falls onto his knees. Andrew stares at him in pure shock. Jesse takes hold of his jeans and pulls them back down, then removes his shoes before taking the pants and underwear off completely.


“Shh.” Jesse mumbles sharply and grips his hips with both hands, going down on Andrew in a swift motion. He’s done it dozens of times in the other universe and he knows what Andrew likes; lots of tongue, saliva dribbling down towards his balls, fingers massaging his inner thighs. In seconds Andrew is panting like a bitch in heat and has his fingers curled in Jesse’s hair.

“Ah--fuck, Jess!” He drawls in his fucking beautiful accent. Jesse sucks him harder and digs into the sensitive skin of his thighs and Andrew’s shooting into his mouth. Jesse waits for him to finish and swallows, leaning away and wiping at his mouth with the back of his hand.

Andrew is wide-eyed and red in the face. He doesn’t say anything as Jesse sits leans in and kisses him on the mouth, licking into it so Andrew can taste himself and it makes Andrew dizzy. Then Jesse sits beside him on the couch and snuggles up to him, wrapping an arm around Andrew’s and staring at the wall of the trailer.

It’s Monday and Andrew has no idea what’s going on but he is definitely not complaining.

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Jesse tried not to glance down while he scrambled for something that sounded boyfriendish. “Uhh, I was j-jerking off to the thought of you in the shower.” He stammered before mentally beating the crap out of himself.

Andrew blinked before cackling. “I’m sure.”

= amazing. I loved this <3

Haha thank you, that was definitely one of my favorite lines.

This was awesome! I saw this prompt in the kinkmeme and I was wondering who would fill it and I'm really glad you did because I love all your stories.

I love the way you go so seamlessly from one universe to the next. Especially when it's the day before everything actually happens. The Andrew/Jesse was incredibly sweet.

I will admit that there is one thing that makes me enjoy the Andrew/Jesse a little less - knowing that the stuff with Anna will possibly replay (that and the first part about missing Anna seems a little odd in retrospect). Infidelity does make me feel strangely uncomfortable but that's a very personal thing.

All up an interesting take on an interesting prompt. Hot stuff here. Not OP but glad this got filled. Thanks for writing and sharing <3

“Oh boo hoo, you have to fuck Andrew Garfield. We’re crying for your life Jesse.”

This was good. I liked ot a lot. and that line cracked me up.

This is magnificent. I legitimately squealed when Jesse had gotten back to his universe and discovered it was the day that everything changed in the au. Thanks for sharing with us!

WONDERFUL. i was smiling practically the entire fic. thank you for writing this, ♥

This was absolutely amazing. I loved how you shifted the worlds so seamlessly, that you turned the tables around and now Andrew is the one confused! Very well-written and adorable.

Holy moley. I read the prompt and it is awesome-- I read this and it is beyond awesome. It is so incredible! I really, really, honestly love this.
And if you ever wrote a companion piece with Andrew being surprised by an already-couple-y-Jesse... I would just die. XD [Could you imagine an unsuspecting Andrew with a cuddly, "I-already-know-what-you-look-like-naked"-Jesse? Awww!]

This was spectacular, you do their 'voices' really well, especially Jesse's utter confusion, haha
Andrew was endearing, of course, Timberlake - however briefly he appeared - was so dead on, in my opinion!
Also, I love Joe, so you definitely get extra points for how often he was involved in this, haha XD
Great work!

*faints twice* good lord. i'm...i needed this, thank you.

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