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Jesse tried not to glance down while he scrambled for something that sounded boyfriendish. “Uhh, I was j-jerking off to the thought of you in the shower.” He stammered before mentally beating the crap out of himself.

Andrew blinked before cackling. “I’m sure.”

= amazing. I loved this <3

Haha thank you, that was definitely one of my favorite lines.

This was awesome! I saw this prompt in the kinkmeme and I was wondering who would fill it and I'm really glad you did because I love all your stories.

I love the way you go so seamlessly from one universe to the next. Especially when it's the day before everything actually happens. The Andrew/Jesse was incredibly sweet.

I will admit that there is one thing that makes me enjoy the Andrew/Jesse a little less - knowing that the stuff with Anna will possibly replay (that and the first part about missing Anna seems a little odd in retrospect). Infidelity does make me feel strangely uncomfortable but that's a very personal thing.

All up an interesting take on an interesting prompt. Hot stuff here. Not OP but glad this got filled. Thanks for writing and sharing <3

“Oh boo hoo, you have to fuck Andrew Garfield. We’re crying for your life Jesse.”

This was good. I liked ot a lot. and that line cracked me up.

This is magnificent. I legitimately squealed when Jesse had gotten back to his universe and discovered it was the day that everything changed in the au. Thanks for sharing with us!

WONDERFUL. i was smiling practically the entire fic. thank you for writing this, ♥

This was absolutely amazing. I loved how you shifted the worlds so seamlessly, that you turned the tables around and now Andrew is the one confused! Very well-written and adorable.

Holy moley. I read the prompt and it is awesome-- I read this and it is beyond awesome. It is so incredible! I really, really, honestly love this.
And if you ever wrote a companion piece with Andrew being surprised by an already-couple-y-Jesse... I would just die. XD [Could you imagine an unsuspecting Andrew with a cuddly, "I-already-know-what-you-look-like-naked"-Jesse? Awww!]

This was spectacular, you do their 'voices' really well, especially Jesse's utter confusion, haha
Andrew was endearing, of course, Timberlake - however briefly he appeared - was so dead on, in my opinion!
Also, I love Joe, so you definitely get extra points for how often he was involved in this, haha XD
Great work!

*faints twice* good lord. i'm...i needed this, thank you.

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